Smarter Together

Improving the learning and lives of University students

Working together to improve our learning

UniNote aims to improve the learning and lives of all University students through collaborative learning. We provide a platform for students to access University study guides written by the best students in the UK from a huge variety of courses.

Joining the UniNote community enables students to learn faster, improve their research and get better grades. We believe that our ‘Smarter Together’ ethos can not only improve individual learning but education as a whole.

Save Time

There is too much unnecessary waffle in textbooks and too much detail on the wrong topics in journals. Our study guides are both concise and detailed in the topics relevant to each student, saving them the hassle of wading through stacks of information to find what they need.

Improve Research

There are so many articles out there, finding the most relevant and up to date research can be a struggle. Having study guides written by the best students gives students the direction they need to answer any question on the topics they are studying.

Ace Exams

It’s so easy to work really hard, only to realise you’ve learned the wrong information. Our study guides are written by the top 1% of students from the best Universities in the UK. Understanding what these students are researching and learning enables our students to focus on the most important information.