About Us

UniNote provides educational resources and services to students, societies and associations at University. We aim to encourage collaborative learning by working closely with student societies and associations. We create online platforms that enable students to safely share and discuss revision notes, lecture notes, and extra reading, without the risk of them sharing something they shouldn’t, e.g. essays, essay plans and exam papers.

The Society Sharing Platforms.

Our creatively developed sharing platform is designed specifically for your society/association’s needs. It enables students within your society/association to safely and easily share and discuss lecture and revision notes online. We believe that our ‘Smarter Together’ ethos can not only improve individual learning but education as a whole.

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The Marketplace.

UniNote is the biggest student marketplace in the UK for buying and selling study guides, revision notes and textbooks. Access lecture notes, revision guides and example answers written by the highest achieving students from your University.

Joining the UniNote community will enable you to learn faster, improve your research and get better grades. We believe that our Smarter Together  ethos can not only improve individual learning but education as a whole.


Learning can be simple.

Studying can be hard, it takes time and effort! Searching through all of the information out there, to find the best and most relevant notes, is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s a tough task without much help.

Lucky for you, UniNote is like using a big magnet to find that needle! Working with the best students from your individual course, we are creating an amazing library platform, where you can access the best and most relevant notes for your modules instantly.

Improving Learning, Lifestyle and Grades.

UniNote is designed to make it less stressful for students to gain a deep understanding of their subject and produce high quality work. We are aiming to improve the learning, lifestyle and grades of thousands of students by the end of 2018.

Over the next 3 years we believe we can expand into the majority of Universities in the UK and begin our mission to help millions of students around the world.

Core Values

What we believe in.

Our values serve as the backbone for all of our actions. They are the guiding principles that dictate our behaviour.


We are actively looking to address our weaknesses and ask for and listen to advice.


We treat our users, up-loaders, employees and everyone else as we would treat our family.


We are always clear and honest in our internal and external communication. We live and die by our values.


Everything within UniNote aligns with our core values.


We are always looking for new ways to improve and differentiate.


Everything UniNote does is designed to simplify life for customers, up-loaders and employees.