Deck The Halls: How To Have The Perfect Uni Christmas
10th Dec 2018
By Jemma Slingo

The end of term is fast approaching. Here are a few ways to enjoy the festive season before you head home to a houseful of elderly relatives and non-stop Cliff Richard. 

Make a Christmas dinner. Christmas dinners made by students tread a thin line between triumph and catastrophe. It’s very easy to underestimate how long a turkey takes to cook, particularly when it’s being roasted in a decrepit oven that’s used as an extra cupboard for 11 months of the year. Judge it wrong, and you will soon be envying your vegetarian friends as they nibble their way through a nutroast. All going well, however, nothing beats the joy of a proper festive feast and —if you drink enough sherry —everything will taste delicious.

Whip out the decorations. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without paper chains and Poundland tinsel which disintegrates as soon as it sees a tree. Sprucing up you halls will boost your festive cheer and, frankly, who doesn’t love crafts?! I’m not saying you have to channel Kirstie Allsopp and make vintage handcrafted baubles, but paper snowflakes are a must. Mistletoe could be more problematic, depending on the awkwardness/creepiness of your flatmates…

Host a Christmas party. What better time to unleash the Yuletide treats than at a Christmas party? With mince pies, yule log, mulled wine and at least 12 tubs of cheesy tree shaped snacks, you can’t go wrong. Even better, this is the one point in the year where people won’t judge your music taste. Nobody can object to Wham! That said, try to resist playing Mariah Carey until at least 11pm —All I Want for Christmas is You is the December equivalent of Mr Brightside, and just because it’s festive doesn’t make it acceptable.

Arrange a Secret Santa. Like student Christmas dinners, uni Secret Santas can be mixed bag. There is a chance you’ll be lumbered with someone you don’t really know and a strict £5 spending limit. As you rummage through the bargain bin in HMV on the hunt for a present, you’ll have to ask yourself painful questions, such as whether other people love Michael Bublé’s Greatest Jazz Hits as much as you do. Chocolate tends to be the safest bet when it comes to gifts, and if you linger in Hotel Chocolat long enough they’re bound to bring out some free samples for you to try.

Merry Christmas!

Hope you enjoyed this blog!

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