Food For Thought: 5 Easy Recipes For Students
13th Nov 2018
By Jemma Slingo

It turns out you can only survive on dry pasta and cereal for so long. Here are five simple recipes to cheer up your evenings.

Spaghetti Carbonara

If your body is your temple, this recipe is best avoided. However, if you’re homesick and plagued with chronic Freshers’ Flu, a mountain of bacon, cheese and starch will probably do you good. Spaghetti Carbonara is great because it’s cheap and requires minimal shopping. All it consists of is pasta, pancetta (normal bacon will do), parmesan, eggs and garlic. If you do have a lot of vegan housemates, though, it may be best to cook this dish under the cover of darkness. Eggs, cheese and pork all on one plate might not go down well. Click here for the recipe.

Veggie Pizzas

If you can’t justify another trip to Pizza Express (their constant stream of vouchers can only go so far…) try and make your own veggie pizzas. Using flatbreads and tomato passatta as a base, you can add whatever toppings you desire/ are lurking at the back of the fridge. No, the end result will probably not have the thick, salty, steaming doughiness of a prime Dominos creation. But they are cheap, tasty and surprisingly nutritious— depending on your self restraint when it comes to cheese distribution. Click here for the recipe.

Tuna Melt Jackets

Wondering what to do with the cans of food piling up in your cupboards? Hoping that the Omega 3 in tinned fish will boost your IQ? Feeling that you just haven’t consumed enough cheese? If so, it’s time to make Tuna Melt Jackets. Consisting of buttery jacket potatoes, tuna and a sprinkle of cheddar and spring onions, these are perfect for a cold winter evening. Click here for the recipe.

NB. If you’re starting to feel microwave withdrawal symptoms, here is a useful tip: put the jacket potato in the microwave for a few minutes before sticking it in the oven. It will cook far more quickly now.

Chicken Curry

The recipe below is one of the few “easy curry” recipes in existence that doesn’t assume cinnamon sticks, cardamon pods and garam masala are student staples. Jamie Oliver seems unaware that mini Sainsbury’s barely stock fish fingers, let alone cayenne pepper. This dish contains a sensible number of ingredients and doesn’t require masterful handling of spice. Just make sure you can distinguish between teaspoons and tablespoons, particularly when you get to the curry powder bit. Click here for the recipe.

Chocolate Mug Cake

Now I’m suspicious of any baked good that doesn’t come out of an oven. Few things are more unnatural than a microwaved fairy cake. Nothing should be that soggy and anaemic-looking. Sometimes, however, you can’t beat a microwaved chocolate mug cake. In goes a sticky, sweet cup of chocolately gloop and out comes….well, the same thing really. What’s not to like? Click here for the recipe.

Hope you enjoyed this blog!

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