Learn And Earn: 6 Easy Ways To Make Money As A Student
19th Sep 2018
By Jemma Slingo

Whether you need to top up your student loan or save up for your next holiday, it’s always useful to have some extra cash. Here are six simple ways to boost your bank balance, without resorting to a diet of baked beans.

(1) UniNote. This may be the least painful way to make money if you are a student or recent graduate. UniNote is a website where you can sell old study notes online, helping you to literally earn as you learn. You’ve put in the effort, why not reap the rewards? If your work ethic is starting to flag, this is also the perfect way to regain focus – people are more likely to buy your notes if they are high quality and beautifully presented. In other words, it’s time to get out the coloured pens.

(2) Tutoring. Tutoring is a great way to earn money during term time and over the university holidays. Although spending hours teaching a surly, uncommunicative thirteen year-old who is yet to discover deodorant may not be your idea of fun, tutoring is lucrative, flexible, and enhances your CV. Plus, that A* in A Level Maths could finally come into good use. A quick Google search will reveal lots of tutoring agencies keen to hire bright university students. Some agencies even let you tutor via Skype so, with a bit of luck, you won’t have to leave your squalid student flat.

(3) Summer Camps. If the prospect of spending time with one stroppy teenager doesn’t appeal, why not try twenty five? Working at a summer camp lets you earn a significant amount of money in a condensed period of time and — if you pick a summer camp abroad — might offer the chance of exotic travel. On the flip side, you might end up shepherding hoards of German schoolchildren around Great Yarmouth, while your colleague cleans up after the latest bouts of travel sickness. If you can deal with the stress and the late nights, working at a summer camp is a sure way to forge life long friendships. Nothing brings people together like spending seven hours on a broken down coach surrounded by homesick adolescents.

(4) Paid Internships. Not that long ago, the words ‘paid’ and ‘internship’ would never be seen side-by-side. Why pay hard-working, dedicated twenty year-olds a salary when you can get them for free?! Thankfully, the tide is turning. From Penguin Random House to J.P Morgan, companies now offer structured internships which pay students a decent wage. Be warned, these are the Holy Grail of student earning. Financially rewarding and offering the tantalising prospect of graduate employment, they are fiercely competitive and may require you to sell your soul in the process.

(5) Agency Work. If you live in a city and are looking for flexible part-time work, you could always sign up with an event staffing agency. These agencies hire you out as a waiter, waitress or bar tender for large events, and you can sign up for as many shifts as you like. If you are highly fashion conscious, however, this job is best avoided. All workers will be seen in standard issue black lace-ups which look like they could survive a nuclear apocalypse. You are also subject to the sartorial whim of the events coordinator, and may find yourself handing round canapés in an outfit alarmingly similar to your grandmother’s curtains. On the plus side, shifts can take place in some amazing locations and there is plenty of celebrity spotting potential.

(6) University Positions. Some universities offer the chance to work around campus, whether it’s behind the bar at the student union or in the central library. This reduces commuting time to a minimum and means you can work amongst your peers (take this as you will…). On the downside, you might end up serving your friends drinks all night and watching them have a good time, only to return home smelling like a human Jägerbomb.

PS: If all else fails, you can always become a blog writer instead.

Hope you enjoyed this blog!

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