Electrical Engineering

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This Electrical Engineering study guide covers 5 topics in depth. These include AC Machines, Induction Machine, Synchronous Machines and more, with multiple subtopics inside each of the main topic areas (see full list of topics below). It has been tailored to cater for Engineering students of all levels, from any University and has been specifically designed to improve both, the direction of your coursework research and the efficiency of your exam revision.

  • Introduction to AC Machines
    • Typical constitutions of AC machines
    • Single phase pulsing magnetomotive force
    • Polyphase rotating magnetomotive force
    • Distributed windings
    • Multipolar fields
    • Electrical and mechanical frequency
    • Torque production
    • Synchronous vs asynchronous
  • Introduction to Asynchronous (Induction) Machines
    • Induction machines rotors
    • Principle of operation
    • Slip frequency
    • Torque production
    • Stator and rotor field relativity
    • Motoring and generating operation
    • Applications
  • Induction Machine Equivalent Circuits
    • Transformer: Induction Motor
    • Transformer per-phase equivalent circuit
    • Induction machine exact ‘per-phase’ equivalent circuit
    • IM Equivalent circuit complexities
    • Eliminate slip dependence
    • Eliminate dependence of ideal transformer
    • Physical interpretation of fictitious rotor parameters
    • Full, approximate and simplified per-phase equivalent circuits
  • Induction Machine Calculations
    • Calculations on fictitious rotor current
    • Calculations on stator side parameters  
    • Losses and efficiency calculations
    • Developed mechanical power and rotor torque
  • Starting and speed control of induction machines
    • Speed control and starting issues
    • Non-electric starting methods
    • Electronic methods of speed control and starting
    • Wound rotor induction motors
    • Deep bar effects
  • Introduction to Synchronous Machines
    • Key characteristics of synchronous machines
    • Key points on synchronous machines
    • General construction
    • Rotor types
    • Principle of operation
    • Introduction to per-phase equivalent circuit models
    • Rotor excitation methods
  • Synchronous Machines, Phasors and Characteristics
    • Torque production
    • Infinite bus-bar concept
    • Steady state stability limit
    • Synchronous machine phasor diagram
    • Excitation states
    • Reactive power/ excitation control
    • Example synchronous generator
  • Synchronous Generator Operation
    • Example synchronous machine problem
    • Determining synchronous reactance
  • AC Circuit Theory
    • Generation
    • Transmission
    • Distribution
    • Power
    • Resistive Load
    • RCL Loads
    • Capacitive Loads
  • Revision Summary
  • System Stability Revision Summary
  • 3 Phase AC Systems

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