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This Electronics study guide covers 3 topics in depth. These include Digital Systems, Embedded Systems and Sensors and Actuators, with multiple subtopics inside each of the main topic areas (see full list of topics below). It has been tailored to cater for Engineering students of all levels, from any University and has been specifically designed to improve both, the direction of your coursework research and the efficiency of your exam revision.

  • Digital Systems
    • Sequential Logic Design
    • Sequential Logic State Machines
    • State Machine Decomposition
    • State Machine Timing
    • Karnaugh Maps for Many Variables
    • Quine McCluskey Algorithm
    • Multiplexes for Combinational Logic
  • Embedded Systems
    • Introduction to Embedded Systems
    • CPU Basics
    • Memory
    • CPU
    • Input/Output
    • Case Study
    • Past Paper Definitions
    • Past Papers
  • Sensors and Actuators
    • DAC Convertors
    • ADC Convertors
    • Acquisition Systems
    • Electronic Noise
    • Transistor Switches
    • Pulse Width Modulation
    • Convertor and H-Bridge
    • Communication between Sensors and MCUs
    • Actuators Revision Summary
    • Sensors Revision Summary
    • Past Papers

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