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Global Environmental Change

This Global Environmental Change Study guide covers 17 topics in depth. These include Anthropogenic change, Atmosphere and Ocean Interaction, Biological proxies and more, with multiple subtopi...

Glaciers and Glaciation

This Glaciers and Glaciation study guide covers 16 topics in depth. These include Glaciers Constrained by Topography, Present Distribution of Glaciers, Glacial land systems and more, with mult...

Geographies of Development

This Geographies of Development study guide covers 12 topics in depth. These include Countering Orientalism, Sustainable Development, Changing Geographies of Trade and more, with multiple subt...

Geographies of Development (Journal Article Summaries)

These Geographies of Development Journal Article Summaries cover 8 topics in depth. These include Orientalism, Postcolonialism, Sustainable Development and more, with multiple s...

Spaces of Health and Wellbeing

This Spaces of Health and Wellbeing study guide covers 3 topics in depth. These include Disease, health, wellbeing prevention and promotion, Risk and Extending health debates, with multip...

Neoliberal Life

This Neoliberal Life study guide covers 2 topics in depth. These include What is Neoliberalism? and Neoliberal Subjects and Affects/Emotions, with multiple subtopics inside each of the ma...

Neoliberal Life (Journal Article Summaries)

These Neoliberal Life Journal Article Summaries cover 16 articles in depth. It has been tailored to cater for Geography students of all levels, from any University and has been ...

Feminist Geographies

This Feminist Geographies study guide covers 7 topics in depth. These include Approaches to Feminism, Geographies of the Body, Emotional Geographies and more, with multiple subtopics inside ea...

Feminist Geographies (Journal Article Summaries)

These Feminist Geographies Journal Article Summaries cover 28 articles in depth. It has been tailored to cater for Geography students of all levels, from any University and...

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