Neoliberal Life (Journal Article Summaries)

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These Neoliberal Life Journal Article Summaries cover 16 articles in depth. It has been tailored to cater for Geography students of all levels, from any University and has been specifically designed to improve both, the direction of your coursework research and the efficiency of your exam revision.

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  • Fisher, M., 2009. Capitalist realism: Is there no alternative?. John Hunt Publishing.
  • Gilbert, J., 2015. Disaffected consent: that post-democratic feeling. Soundings, 60(60), pp.29-41.
  • Gilbert, J., 2013. What Kind Of Thing Is' Neoliberalism'?. New Formations, 80(1), pp.7-22.
  • Allison, A. (2016): Precarity: Commentary. Cultural Anthropology
  • Wacquant, L., 2012. Three steps to a historical anthropology of actually existing neoliberalism. Caderno CRH, 25(66), pp.505-518.
  • Lewis et al (2015) “Hyper-precarious lives: migrants, work and forced labour in the global north”. Progress in Human Geography 39, 5, 580-600
  • Worth N (2016) Feeling precarious: Millennial women and work. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space: doi 10.1177/0263775815622211
  • Waite L, Valentine G and Lewis H (2015) Multiply vulnerable populations: Mobilising a politics of compassion from the ‘capacity to hurt’. Social and Cultural Geography 15: 313-33
  • Cockayne, D. (2016) “Entrepreneurial affect: Attachment to work practice in San Francisco’s digital media sector” Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 34, 3, 456-47
  • Neilson, B. & Rossiter, N. (2008) Precarity as a political concept, or, Fordism as exception. Theory, Culture and Society 25 (7-8) 51-72
  • Wacquant, L., 2009. Punishing the poor: The neoliberal government of social insecurity. duke university Press.
  • Peck, J. (2010) Constructions of neoliberal reason. Oxford: Oxford University Press
  • Raynor, R. (2016) Attaching to Austerity? Optimisms Cruel and Otherwise
  • Larner, W., 2000. Neo-liberalismi Policy, Ideology, Governmentality. Studies in political economy, 63(1), pp.5-25.
  • Barnett, C., 2005. The consolations of ‘neoliberalism’. Geoforum, 36(1), pp.7-12.

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