Political Geography (Journal Article Summaries)

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These Political Geography Journal Article Summaries cover 3 topics in depth. These include Fanon, Foucault & Arendt, Unfree Labour and Violence and Power, with multiple subtopics inside each of the main topic areas (see full list of topics below). It has been tailored to cater for Geography students of all levels, from any University and has been specifically designed to improve both, the direction of your coursework research and the efficiency of your exam revision.

  • Fanon, Foucault & Arendt
    • Finlay, C.J., 2009. Hannah Arendt's Critique of Violence. Thesis Eleven, 97(1), pp.26-45.
    • Arendt, H., 1969. Reflections on violence. Journal of International Affairs, pp.1-35.
    • Frazer, E. and Hutchings, K., 2008. On politics and violence: Arendt contra Fanon. Contemporary Political Theory, 7(1), pp.90-108.
    • Allen, A., 2002. Power, subjectivity, and agency: Between Arendt and Foucault. International journal of philosophical studies, 10(2), pp.131-149.
    • Foucault, M., 1990. The history of sexuality: An introduction, volume I. Trans. Robert Hurley. New York: Vintage.
    • Scheper-Hughes, N. and Bourgois, P., 2004. Introduction: Making sense of violence. Violence in war and peace: An anthology, 4.
    • Scheper-Hughes, N. and Bourgois, P., 2004. Introduction: Making sense of violence. Violence in war and peace: An anthology, 4.
    • Tyner, J. and Inwood, J., 2014. Violence as fetish Geography, Marxism, and dialectics. Progress in Human Geography, 38(6): 771-784
    • Thame, M. and Mona, J., 2011. Reading violence and postcolonial decolonization through Fanon: The case of Jamaica. The Journal of Pan African Studies, 4(7), pp.75-93.
    • Kebede, M., 2001. The rehabilitation of violence and the violence of rehabilitation: Fanon and colonialism. Journal of black studies, 31(5), pp.539-562.
    • Fashina, O., 1989. Frantz Fanon and the Ethical Justification of Anti-Colonial Violence. Social Theory and Practice, 15(2), pp.179-212.
    • Breen, K., 2007. Violence and power: A critique of Hannah Arendt on the political'. Philosophy & Social Criticism, 33(3), pp.343-372.
    • Fanon, F. 1965. “Concerning Violence,” in The Wretched of the Earth. Penguin Press (New York): 27-74
    • Arendt, A. 1969. “On Violence” in Crises of the Republic. Harcourt Brace & Company: pp. 103-197
    • Ayyash, M.M., 2013. The paradox of political violence. European journal of social theory, 16(3), pp.342-356.
    • Edkins, J. and Pin-Fat, V., 2005. Through the wire: Relations of power and relations of violence. Millennium-Journal of International Studies, 34(1), pp.1-24.
    • Foucault, M. 1978. “Method” in The History of Sexuality Vol. 1: An Introduction. Vintage Press: 92- 102
    • Fluri, J.L., 2009. Geopolitics of gender and violence ‘from below’. Political Geography, 28(4), pp.259-265.
    • Lloyd, J. 2009. “A microscopic insurgent: militarization, health, and critical geographies of violence.” Annals of the Association of American Geographers 99(5): 863-873
    • Watts, M. 2012. “Economies of Violence: Reflections on the World Development Report 2011” Humanity 3(1): 115-130
    • Gregory, D., Johnston, R., Pratt, G., Watts, M. and Whatmore, S. eds., 2011. The dictionary of human geography. John Wiley & Sons. P 798-9.
    • Tyner, J. 2015. “Violence” in The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Political Geography (West Sussex: John Wiley & Sons): 141-151
    • Owens, P. (2009). Reclaiming ‘bare life’?: Against Agamben on refugees. International Relations, 23(4), pp.567-582.
  • Unfree Labour
    • The Governance of Forced Labour in the Global Economy (Phillips and Mieres, 2015)
    • Coerced, Forced and Unfree Labour: Geographies of Exploitation in Contemporary Labour Markets (Strauss, 2011)
    • Davidson, J.O.C., 2013. Troubling freedom: Migration, debt, and modern slavery. Migration studies, 1(2), pp.176-195.
    • Lewis, H., Dwyer, P., Hodkinson, S. and Waite, L., 2015. Hyper-precarious lives Migrants, work and forced labour in the Global North. Progress in Human Geography, 39(5), pp.580-600.
  • Violence and Power
    • Hindes (1996)
    • McGowan (1994)
    • Driver (1994)
    • Foucault (F) 1979
    • Mcnay (1994)
    • Mills (2003)
    • Elden (2007) Re-thinking Governmentality.
    • Jessop (2007) Micro-powers to governmentality
    • Shiner (1982)
    • Gaventa & Cornwall (2001)
    • Pylypa (1998)

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