Employment Law

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This Employment Law study guide covers 8 topics in depth. These include The Employment Contract, Discrimination, Dismissals and more, with multiple subtopics inside each of the main topic areas (see full list of topics below). It has been tailored to cater for law students of all levels, from any University and has been specifically designed to improve both, the direction of your coursework research and the efficiency of your exam revision.

  • Defining the Employment Relationship
    • Who is an Employee?
    • Employer Strategies to avoid Employee status
    • Continuity of Employment
  • The Employment Contract
    • Formation of the Employment Contract and the Sources of Terms
    • Implied Terms
  • Work-Life Balance
    • National Minimum Wage Act 1998
    • Working Time Regulations 1998
    • Maternity, Parental Rights and Flexible Work
  • Discrimination
    • Equality Act 2010
    • Discrimination Concepts
  • Grounds of Discrimination
    • Equality Act 2010
    • Disability Discrimination
    • Religion or Belief as a Protected Characteristic
    • Defences: Occupational requirements and justification
  • Common Law Dismissal
    • Summary Dismissal
    • Remedies for Wrongful Dismissal
  • Unfair Dismissal
    • Dismissal under Statute
    • Fair Reason for Dismissal
    • Remedies for Unfair Dismissal
  • Economics Dismissals
    • Redundancy
    • Reorganisation

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