Societies & Associations

Working together to improve our learning.

UniNote aims to encourage collaborative learning by working closely with student societies and associations. We create online platforms that enable your students to safely share and discuss revision notes, lecture notes, and extra reading, without the risk of them sharing something they shouldn’t, e.g. essays, essay plans and exam papers.

We are continuously forming great new partnerships that are bringing more money into societies/associations and improving their students’ University experience.

Share and discuss with like-minded students.

Our creatively developed sharing platform is designed specifically for your society/association’s needs. It enables students within your society/association to safely and easily share and discuss lecture and revision notes online. We believe that our ‘Smarter Together’ ethos can not only improve individual learning but education as a whole.

Benefit from our wide variety of rewards.

Regular note sharers are rewarded every month as they reach uploading milestones. The rewards are in the form of eGift cards from a variety of student favourite brands. This makes note sharing fresh and interesting and encourages students to work together to improve their learning.


The platform is organised in the best way for each specific society/association, making it easy for students to find the notes they want.


Students can download uploaded notes as many times as they need, and uploaders can track how many times their notes have been downloaded.

Discussions & Reviews

Discussion and review tabs on each of the notes will allow students to ask questions, leave reviews and discuss each document.

Quality Checking

All notes uploaded to the platform are vetted and quality checked, protecting students from copyright and collusion issues.

A sponsored partnership.

Forming a sponsored partnership with UniNote is a great way to bring more money into your society and improve your students’ University experience. We sponsor societies and associations by giving them an initial sponsorship of £200 and a percentage of the profits, generated by the sharing platform, throughout the University year. The profits come from a small subscription that each student pays to use the platform. The estimated sponsorship, depending on the numbers of students using the platform, is shown in the table below:

Our contribution:

A Uniquely Designed Collaborative Platform.
Vetting and Quality Checking.
Continuous Improvement of the Platform.
Distribution of Monthly Rewards.

The societies contribution:

Social Media Posts.
Email Campaigns.
Promotion at Events.
Shout Outs in Lectures.
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