Electrical Engineering Revision Guide

This document contains a 111 page PDF revision guide on “Electrical Engineering,” which is specific to the Engineering course at Durham University. It has been written by a Durham University student who has completed the course and achieved a 1st. The notes have been tailored for students who are looking to revise for exams or complete coursework. The document covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to AC Machines
    • Typical constitutions of AC machines
    • Single phase pulsing magnetomotive force
    • Polyphase rotating magnetomotive force
    • Distributed windings
    • Multipolar fields
    • Electrical and mechanical frequency
    • Torque production
    • Synchronous vs asynchronous
  • Introduction to Asynchronous (Induction) Machines
    • Induction machines rotors
    • Principle of operation
    • Slip frequency
    • Torque production
    • Stator and rotor field relativity
    • Motoring and generating operation
    • Applications
  • Induction Machine Equivalent Circuits
    • Transformer: Induction Motor
    • Transformer per-phase equivalent circuit
    • Induction machine exact ‘per-phase’ equivalent circuit
    • IM Equivalent circuit complexities
    • Eliminate slip dependence
    • Eliminate dependence of ideal transformer
    • Physical interpretation of fictitious rotor parameters
    • Full, approximate and simplified per-phase equivalent circuits
  • Induction Machine Calculations
    • Calculations on fictitious rotor current
    • Calculations on stator side parameters
    • Losses and efficiency calculations
    • Developed mechanical power and rotor torque
  • Starting and speed control of induction machines
    • Speed control and starting issues
    • Non-electric starting methods
    • Electronic methods of speed control and starting
    • Wound rotor induction motors
    • Deep bar effects
  • Introduction to Synchronous Machines
    • Key characteristics of synchronous machines
    • Key points on synchronous machines
    • General construction
    • Rotor types
    • Principle of operation
    • Introduction to per-phase equivalent circuit models
    • Rotor excitation methods
  • Synchronous Machines, Phasors and Characteristics
    • Torque production
    • Infinite bus-bar concept
    • Steady state stability limit
    • Synchronous machine phasor diagram
    • Excitation states
    • Reactive power/ excitation control
    • Example synchronous generator
  • Synchronous Generator Operation
    • Example synchronous machine problem
    • Determining synchronous reactance
  • AC Circuit Theory
    • Generation
    • Transmission
    • Distribution
    • Power
    • Resistive Load
    • RCL Loads
    • Capacitive Loads
  • Revision Summary
  • System Stability Revision Summary
  • 3 Phase AC Systems



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