Further Reading – Distributional Justice and Environmental Racism

This is a 16 page document of further reading notes taken from different books, journals and articles on the topic of Distributional Environmental Justice and Environmental Racism. It is specific to the Geography course at the University of Birmingham; module ‘Environmental Justice.’ The notes cover core readings such as;

Schlosberg, D., 2007. Defining environmental justice: Theories, movements, and nature. Oxford University Press.

Walker, G., 2012. Environmental justice: concepts, evidence and politics. Routledge. – Chapters 1-4

In addition to these core readings there are also notes based on other readings with relation to Environmental Racism and particularly the Warren County, America, Case Study. These readings include:

Szasz A, Meuser M (1997) Environmental Inequalities: literature review and proposals for new directions in research and theory. Current Sociology 43 (3) p99-120.

Pinderhughes, R. (1996) The impact of race on environmental quality: and empirical and theoretical discussion. Sociological Perspectives 39 (2) p231-248

I have completed this course with a high 2:1 and this particular module with a 1st.
These notes are tailored for the exam revision and possible coursework.

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