Further Reading – Vulnerability, Childhood and the Environment

This is an 18 page document of further reading notes taken from different books, journals and articles about vulnerability, childhood and the environment. It is specific to the Geography course at the University of Birmingham; module ‘Environmental Justice.’ The notes are detailed but tailored to a past exam question;

‘How are the notions of environmental justice or injustice relevant to the lives of children?’

They have an emphasis on the environmental experiences of young children with relation to 3 environmental factors;

The local environment – looking at how different environments promote the learning of life skills and how children experience the environment and public spaces in contrasting ways.

Social Class and how different children have different access to differing outdoor spaces for play.

Air Quality/Toxins and how children are more vulnerable to poor air quality and certain toxins – this includes case studies from schools in California.

In addition to this the final part of the document looks at how the involvement of children within the procedural process behind environmental decision making would help avoid environmental injustice towards children and promote environmental justice as they get a say in what they would like. Considering children are the largest consumers of the outdoors environment, increasing their involvement in decision making is key; this is discussed in the notes.

It includes notes on 8 different readings: both core readings of the topic as well as additional articles, for example:

Day, R. and Wager, F. (2010) Parks, streets and “just empty space”: the local environmental experiences of children and young people in a Scottish study. Local Environment 15 (6) p509-523

Chawla, L (2002) “Insight, creativity and thoughts on the environment”: integrating children and youth into human settlement development. Environment and Urbanization 14 (2) p11-21.

Pastor, M., Morello‐Frosch, R. and Sadd, J.L., 2006. Breathless: schools, air toxics, and environmental justice in California. Policy Studies Journal, 34(3), pp.337-362.

Knowles Yanez 2005: Children’s Participation in Planning Processes

I have completed this course with a high 2:1 and this particular module with a 1st.
These notes are tailored for the exam revision and possible coursework

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